7 Extremely Useful Apps for Freelancers

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There couldn?t be a more perfect time to go freelance than now because we live in an era that?s basically run by gadgets and apps.

Everything?s gone digital. I can?t think of a scenario where things get done in the absence of the Internet and gadgets and the hundreds of apps that are readily available for us.

If you?re a freelancer, congratulations. Not only do you have one of the best jobs in the world?you choose what to work on, when and where to do it and these are just few of the many perks of working freelance?you also have a full armory that will make your job a lot easier and more enjoyable.

With these apps, you?ll have more time to do things you enjoy because these can slash the time spent for work. Additionally, these will also make it possible for you to take your work anywhere.

Of course, you need to have the right gadgets to install these apps in. In my experience, a laptop and a smartphone should be enough. But it?s even better if you can afford to have a tablet, even the first generation of iPad. You?d be surprised at how helpful it can be.

So without much further ado, here are helpful apps for freelancers:


Flash drives are useful but they won?t be of any help if you?re standing in line at the bank, trying to pay some bills or trying to cash your cheque. Yes, you can work even when running some errands. One of the many perks of freelancing.

Anyway, if you need to access files and only have your smartphone or tablet with you, what you need is Dropbox. This cloud storage will make all your files accessible no matter where you are. In case your client asks for some files and you?re out, say, having coffee with friends or buying a new shirt, you?d still be able to do it.

google appsGoogle Apps

Google has very helpful apps for freelancers?Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Calendar among others. These web-based apps are integrated so using them will be very easy. For example, when composing an email for your client and you remembered you have a scheduled meeting, you don?t need to leave the current window and open your laptop?s calendar.

You can create the event right there. Participants will receive an email notification of the meeting. How else can Google Apps help you? Well, you can also store files in Drive. It?s pretty much like Dropbox.

You can also create documents in Google Docs without opening MS Word. The benefit of writing on Google Docs is it?s online, so you can access the documents even if you?re not using your computer. You can also collaborate with others and see revisions being done in real time.


Personally, this is the best collaboration tool for freelancers. This is web-based and has a very intuitive interface that makes organizing projects, uploading files, opening discussions, creating to-do lists and even corresponding with team members.


Freshbooks provides the easiest way to bill clients. With this, you don?t need to create Excel spreadsheets for invoice and, more importantly, you don?t have to forget sending that invoice. It?s very easy to use and will make you look professional.

FreshbooksFocus Writer

Freelance writers, in particular, will find this app extremely useful because this is a distraction-free writing tool. This eliminates everything from your screen and all you can see are the words you?re typing. This makes writing quicker and easier because you?re not tempted to open a browser, check Facebook or your email.


This is a great note-taking app. Each time you find useful information or come up with ideas, Evernote is perfect for recording them. That way, you don?t have to write ideas on pieces of paper, which tend to get lost, or bank on your memory. Organize your notes and make them easily accessible.


This is a very, very good time management app. Many freelancers have found the Pomodoro Technique extremely useful. It works by working at a set period, say 15 minutes, without stopping and when that time is up you take a break for a certain time, say 5 minutes.

There you have it, 7 very useful apps for freelancers. These are just few of the many tools that will help you do your job well. There are tons of others that we’ll discuss some other time.

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