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7 Days To Die Update: Two New Zombies ‘Resurrector’ And ‘Behemoth’ Detailed By The Fun Pimps

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7 Days To Die update

7 Days To Die is a terrifying zombie experience that pits players against quite a few types of the undead. It’s always good to see a new type of the infected in the game and fans are always willing to take on new challenges. The recent developer diary gives us a glimpse of 2 possible zombie types coming in a 7 Days To Die update.

A recent developer update for Alpha 16 of 7 Days To Die featured quite a few new details of the upcoming update. What might’ve caught the attention of players are concept arts of two possible zombie types. They’re yet to be added to Alpha 16, and players are hoping that these creatures become part of the next 7 Days To Die update.

The developer is looking to add these new zombie types so that it could further increase the game’s difficulty. Huenink explains that Bandits are still far from being completed as it’s a very delicate AI-based feature. To keep player busy, these two new zombies could be added in the meantime.


The name itself suggest the terrible thing that this zombie can do to the other undead in Navezgone. According to Joel Huenink, as long as it’s still alive, Resurrectors can once again bring back the dead. If these zombies do get added in the game, players should always prioritize killing it first before anything else or the zombies will just keep coming and coming.


Huge zombie types are a mainstay for any zombie title and Huenink gives us a glimpse of what they have planned. Behemoths are huge zombies possibly coming to a 7 Days To Die update. We can expect these creatures to be slow but they’ll be packing quite the damage and health.

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