7 Days To Die Update 1.10: Features The Fun Pimps Should Add In The Next Patch

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The Fun Pimps is often updating the PC and console versions of 7 Days To Die. The game could still use a lot more improvement, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions need a lot more help. The developer is keen on keeping a good experience in the game, and it?s imminent with update 1.09 which fixed a recently discovered bug. Fans are on the lookout for what 7 Days To Die update 1.10?will bring, but there are a few things they want as soon as possible.

Visual Update

While PlayStation 4 Pro support is all the rage these days, we can?t expect the developer to launch a similar feature soon. However, The Fun Pimps should still try and update the textures and visuals in the console version of the game. 7 Days To Die could still use improved visuals, and update 1.10 should have just that.

New Areas

7 Days To Die Alpha 15 had a lot of features including new areas to explore. The Fun Pimps is yet to expand the Navezgone for the consoles. Although Navezgone is big and dense, players are definitely looking for new areas to explore now. 7 Days To Die update 1.10 should add a few of the areas that came with Alpha 15.

Alpha 16 Features

The Fun Pimps is now very busy with creating Alpha 16. The next update focuses on new models and customization features in the game. 7 Days To Die update 1.10 should share the similar features coming in Alpha 16 as they?re pretty essential additions and are possibly not that hard to add to the game. Electricity and the new base building options would surely do wonders for the game?s console versions.

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