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7 Days to Die – Tips and Guide for Surviving Single and Multiplayer Mode

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Quick and simple survival guide for the game 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a zombie survival game that is pretty much like Minecraft but has more in-depth details and more realistic.

Here on this guide article, I will teach you a few tips on how to survive in 7 Days to Die.

7 Days to Die tips for surviving in both single and multiplayer mode

For the single player mode:

  • When you enter the game, always head to these coordinates 0, 0. That area is where the main city is. Be careful though, that place has lots of dogs and cop zombies so it?d be best to just go slow and observer your surrounding first.
  • Pick up the essential supplies first like canned goods, water, empty bottle, golden rod flower, tools (fire axe, shovel, etc.), pipes, weapons and ammo. Then pick the other random stuff later when you have set up a storage chest in your base.
  • When you see a township, do not approach the area while shouting LEEROY JENKINS. Scout the area first and drop your sleeping bag at a safe distance.
  • When using a premade house as your base, always pick the red building made of stone that has a rooftop. Cover the corners with wood planks so that spider zombies can?t climb it.
  • Looking for an easy way down? Press crouch and stay close to the wall then just let character fall. You won?t receive any damage with this bug. (Note: If you did receive damage, it won?t be as devastating compared to when you are standing up. Not only that but you won?t sprain your feet with this process.)

Now for the multiplayer:

  • Like in the single player, you should always first check the main city with the coordinates 0, 0.
  • Always crouch when you are in the main city. That way you will know if a zombie detects you or something.
  • Do not always turn on your flashlight. Turn them off when you hear a footstep or just turn them off completely when you are not walking/running.
  • Be careful when you see a player-made base. You might think that they are not online but little did you know, he/she already knows you are there and just waiting for the right time to gank you and take your stuff when you die.
  • Listen to the footsteps. When the footsteps are slow then probably it?s just a zombie but when it is fast, it is either a zombie (when it?s night) or another player.
  • DO NOT WANDER OFF AT NIGHT. The option for zombie running during night is always on in most of the multiplayer servers out there.

I hope this guide helped you on your survival in 7 Days to Die. Stay safe out there and always, TRUST NO ONE.

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