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7 Days To Die Patch: Should Zombie Dogs Get Nerfed?

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7 Days To Die update

There are a lot of horrors to avoid and kill in Navezgone. Players of 7 Days To Die are always struggling to stay on their feet as the infected and the struggle to survive kick in. One particular enemy is giving players a tough time in the game and it?s bothering those new to Navezgone. Should The Fun Pimps nerf zombie dogs in the game?

Zombie Dog Issues

Even before the console version of The Fun Pimps survival shooter arrived on consoles, PC players have been complaining about zombie dogs in Navezgone. The fast and agile creatures are really tough to target, let alone kill. They can be found early on in the game, and once players come across a couple of zombie dogs, it?s almost game over.

Redditor MerryBoppins shares a really annoying experience that has probably happened to many players. Upon travelling, the player and his friend stumbled upon a small group of zombie dogs that was enough to decimate the pair.

What makes the zombie dogs pretty hard to kill is their tendency to circle around the player at blistering speeds. Aside from that, the only efficient way to kill zombie dogs is by using firearms. However, guns are pretty scarce ?in Navezgone and it will take players a few hours before getting one. Their best bet early on is using a bow and sniping out the dogs from a distance.

To nerf the zombie dogs, the best thing that The Fun Pimps could do for 7 Days To Die is to decrease the speed of the enemy type. Doing so would make killing it easier.

While the 7 Days To Die update containing the zombie dog nerf is not yet confirmed, the best way to avoid getting mauled by a zombie dog is by avoiding it. Zombie dogs spawn in groups in cities, barns and villages. While it may seem like avoiding zombie dogs are near impossible, players can opt to always keep a bow and arrow in hand and take out the enemy from afar.

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