7 Days To Die Patch 10 On PS4 And Xbox One: All Important Details You Should Know

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The Fun Pimps is keeping itself pretty busy with the PC version of 7 Days To Die and those playing on consoles are bit disappointed as their version of the game is a little left behind. Players should be happy to know that there’s a major console update coming  and it’s going to add a lot of new features. Here are all of the important 7 Days To Die patch 10 release details to take note of.

7 Days To Die Patch 10 Release Date

The Fun Pimps recently detailed the new patch on the game’s forum. According to the game’s community manager, there’s no exact 7 Days To Die patch 10 release date yet but it will arrive sometime this month. The post also adds that the update will be releasing “soon,” so it could come within the next days after Sony and Microsoft finishes certification on the patch.

Patch Content

Patch 10 will add in several new features to the game as well as several bug fixes. It’s going to be a meaty update that could make up for the months of waiting without any major update for the game. Once it’s live, the update is set to make the overall 7 Days To Die experience better.

The developer categorized the new features into two: features that will work in existing saves and features that will require new saves. For the latter, players will have to create a new save to gain access to the features as they focus on new content to the game rather than upgrades.

For features available to existing saves, one of the new things players will notice is an updated sky and weather effects. Also, the workbench UI has been tweaked a bit. Once the update has been installed, players will be able to combine items to make better quality items.

Last of the new features in this category is a tweak to gore blocks. Originally, items from zombie corpses can’t be obtained once zombies decay and become gore blocks. That will be changed in the update as players will get the same loot from gore blocks and recently killed zombies.

For the new features that will require a new save, it will include a ton of new content for the game. It includes over 100 new blocks, over 50 new items, over 60 new recipes, a new chemistry station, and several tweaks and improvements to farming, skills, and balancing.

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