7 Days To Die Online Multiplayer Bug: Xbox One Issue Fixed With Simple Trick

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7 Days To Die Patch 9
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Playing 7 Days To Die in single player is a pretty gripping experience. It’s the true essence of survival horror. Those who prefer to play with others are given the option to play multiplayer online or in splitscreen. Online multiplayer has been a long-running issue with the console port of the game. One player apparently managed to find a workaround for the annoying 7 Days To Die online multiplayer bug on the Xbox One.

Over at the official 7 Days To Die forum, user zzBulleTzz shared what he believes is a quick fix for the 7 Days To Die online multiplayer bug on the Xbox One. It’s quite a process, but if it does get rid of the annoying bug, then players will have to just be patient for a while.

According to the player, if the game doesn’t load past the developer logo screen, then they should follow a few steps taken from an Xbox One support page.

“So now anytime I know I want to play multiplayer, I always go to the home screen, hit menu, and verify that the game doesn’t have the option to quit. If it does, I quit and then launch the game from scratch and multiplayer has worked every time. Hope this helps,” the user notes.

Possibly Viable On PS4?

The player adds that there’s a chance that the unconventional fix might work for the issue on the PlayStation 4. It’s worth giving a shot though as The Fun Pimps is yet to fully fix the issue with online multiplayer.

It’s worth noting that the fix won’t work for any single player or split screen multiplayer. We’ve yet to know if the fix will work for everyone but again, it’s worth trying out for now. Hopefully, the fix works for everyone so that multiplayer experiences will work smoothly.

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