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7 Days to Die Future Update To Improve Gunshot Sounds And Positional Audio

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7 Days To Die update
Source: 7 Days To Die – Launch Trailer | PS4

7 Days to Die’s Joel Huenink talked about improving the sound quality as the game closes in on its beta release. Huenink plans to improve gunshot sounds and positional audio quality to make them feel more authentic. With this update, players can use the sounds to track position of noisy players near them.

Positional Audio Tweak Considered

As seen on Huenink’s reply on the official 7 Days to Die forums, he is considering to improve gunshot sounds to help differentiate it during gameplay. Apparently, Huenink plans to make gunfire sound “muffled and echoey” when a player is far from the area. This addition may sound too cosmetic, but it actually helps players to orient themselves of locations of other characters. Auditory hints and clues are crucial to surviving and adapting your situation in survival games.

Current Setup

As of now, 7 Days to Die doesn’t have this featured positional audio yet. The game just plays a gunshot sound without any hints of how far the bullet are travelling to. Due to this lack of intuitive feature, players can only understand that there’s a person near, resulting to confusion in discerning where the bullets are coming from. Overall, players can use gunshots for distraction and still manage to stay safe as long as they aren’t seen.

Importance of Positional Audio

Overall, survivalist players need positional audio to correctly adapt to their situation when facing other enemies in an already hostile environment. Players rely on zombie or hostile animal footstep noises to know their position without necessarily peeking out of cover. This trick also works similarly for other characters especially dealing with hostile strangers in a PvP-enabled map. Since the game doesn’t always allow players to have easy resources for battles, players will have to resort to surprise attacks or completely sneaking out of the enemy’s range to escape.

Nearing Beta

Currently, 7 Days to Die is still in Early Access and more features are added as the developers try to complete the game. However, getting positional audio implemented confirms that the 7 Days to Die beta is closing in as Huenink said on the forum post. After the beta, players will now have the full released version of the game. At best, the full 7 Days to Die release means that they’ve polished the game enough for it to be stable on its own. More than just the implementation of this feature, players can look forward to the game’s beta phase if positional audio does get implemented.

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