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7 Days To Die Experimental Alpha 16: Release Coming Soon As Developer Begins Polishing

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A Skyscraper In 7 Days To Die
Skyscrapers Are Coming To 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 [Screenshot Captured From 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Developer Diary]

Those who are playing 7 Days To Die on the PC have a lot to look forward to before the month ends as it looks like the Experimental Alpha of Alpha 16 is due out soon. This also means that the release of the major update is nearing as well. Even The Fun Pimps themselves have begun teasing the anticipated release of the 7 Days To Die Experimental Alpha 16.

Last month, Joel Huenink announced in one of the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Developer Diaries that there will be an Experimental Alpha 16 due out sometime this May. No release date has been pegged yet but Huenink has finally teased just how close we are to the release of the 7 Days To Die Experimental Alpha 16.

Posting on the official 7 Days To Die forum, Huenink, also known as MadMole, notes that they have reached “soft content lock” for Alpha 16 last Friday. “By that it means the level designers are adding some polish and sleepers to the new prefabs, but that is very low risk work and all the programmers are slamming through their bugs. I will crank out probably one last preview video and probably do a lets play or two,” explains Huenink.

He also adds that there’s no exact date on when the other features will come to the Experimantal Alpha but he does note that it is close. Once these features come into the Experimental Alpha, then it’s release will follow shortly after. At this rate, we can even expect that the taste of Alpha 16 will come within the next week or so.

Players should expect a lot of issues with the upcoming 7 Days To Die Experimental Alpha 16 as from the name itself, it’s an unpolished version of the major update. Players can expect to encounter a few bugs and issues while playing the Alpha version.

Huenink also states that Alpha 16 is the most ambitious Alpha version of the game to date. We can’t blame him for saying though as evident from the Developer Diaries, The Fun Pimps is indeed adding a lot of interesting things to the game. Once 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 comes, players will have access to a variety of new content..

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