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7 Days to Die: Can You Survive?

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There is one rule and one rule only to this game, do whatever it takes to survive

Ever wonder what it feels like to play Minecraft with a more realistic twist to it, zombies are more detailed, you think of ways to quench your thirst and at the same time you worry about your hunger? 7 Days to Die is the right game for that. Unlike DayZ where they only need to add are cars and improve few minor things, 7 Days to Die has a lot of room for improvement.

Here are a few details of the game that you might want to check before playing it.

  • The game can be quite scary at first
  • There are different types of zombies to kill in game. Here are a few of them and their screenshots.
Say Cheese

Just your average ?walker?

Monster under your bed

Might want to check the floor first. These guys really know how to blend in specially when there?s tall grasses around.

Sexy Zombie

Of course there is a woman zombie but don?t let the sexy dress fool you and please don?t stare too much or you?ll end up being a zombie chow


Okay I just found this one out recently and I must say, when you encounter this guy you better have a great distance or else you will definitely regret it if you didn?t.

  • Search for crafting essentials in piles of garbage, backpacks, cars and many more

Car search


  • Do full sweep of buildings, houses and towns.

Gravetown after the attack


  • There are hordes of zombies in game either hide and let them pass or wipe all of them with your weapons.
  • Just like in real life cactuses here can also damage you, the damage though are reasonable but still the sound that your character makes can be quite unpleasant.
  • Zombies can and will destroy your base when they sense that you and your party are inside of it.

Just like in Minecraft, you can also craft a lot of things here in 7 Days to Die like tools for farming supplies, building supplies, tools for defending yourself and your party and especially food and drinks. The map on the other hand is not that big yet but I bet the developers of the game are doing the best they can about it. Here is the screenshot of the map that is being used in the game.


The game was inspired by Minecraft and you can actually see it from the previous versions, but the only difference is that it is hard to survive on 7 Days to Die if you are playing alone, so it is best to gather your friends and enjoy the game together.

If you want new gaming experience then I suggest you go try and play 7 Days to Die and I?m sure a lot of you will really like it or love it just like I do!


Photos taken by me

Credit goes to the Creators of the game.

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