7 Days To Die Alpha 17: Tweaks To Nighttime And Firearms Detailed By The Fun Pimps

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7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Release
The upcoming Behemoth in 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 [Image Captured From 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Developer Diary]

The next step of The Fun Pimps in 7 Days To Die is with regards to the release of Alpha 16. Everything about the next major update is looking pretty neat and it could only be a matter of time before we gets our hands on the anticipated update. Before the release, it looks like the developer is already teasing what’s coming to 7 Days To Die Alpha 17.

Replying to a few threads over at the 7 Days To Die forum, The Fun Pimps’ Joel Huenink has already teased some of the possible changes coming to the next major update after Alpha 16. No major feature has been teased yet but Huenink did take note of a few possible tweaks with regards to a few mechanics in the game.

7 Days To Die Alpha 17

A few fans are complaining that some of the light producing items make nights easier in 7 Days To Die. Nighttime is supposed to be pretty hard in the game but it seems like items including the torch, NVG, and mining hats sort of ruin the terror that darkness brings. To address this issue, it looks like the developers are going to add new mechanics in 7 Days To Die Alpha 17.

“Hopefully in A17 torches will degrade and burn out, (hand held ones at least) and you will need batteries for your flashlights and mining hat, nvg, etc,”  says Huenink. These new changes are going to make the game even harder but it’ll be a whole lot better in terms of realism.

When it comes to weapons in the next update, Huenink notes that there might be some “serious fire arm improvements” in Alpha 17. We’ve yet to know what these improvements are but Huenink does note that the MP5 will be changed into a silenced firearm for now.

Perhaps one of the major additions in the next update for 7 Days To Die are the Behemoth type zombies. These huge enemies were initially set for release in Alpha 16 but it has been moved to the next major update instead.

The Behemoth zombies are The Fun Pimps’ take on the Tank in Left 4 Dead. It’ll be huge, durable, and high damaging but slow. It’ll be pretty exciting to see how The Fun Pimps models this zombie for the game.

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