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7 Days To Die Alpha 16: Wolf Development Showcased In Developer Diary

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A Wolf Coming To 7 Days To Die
The Wolf In 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 [Image Captured From 7 Days To Die Developer Diary]

The Fun Pimps is currently working on yet another major update for 7 Days To Die which looks to improve a lot of things in the game as well as add a host of new features again. A new developer diary is out and this time, only one of the upcoming features is put on the spotlight. Here’s another feature to expect in 7 Days To Die Alpha 16.

The most recent developer diary for 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 focuses on one of the upcoming features of the update which are the wolves. The wolves are going to be a new addition to random gen worlds and Navezgane, and they look pretty terrifying already.

The developer diary focused on the ragdoll physics and animation of the upcoming creatures for 7 Days To Die Alpha 16. From the look of things, the upcoming feature is going well and The Fun Pimps could already be on the final stages of developing the new addition to the game.

According to The Fun Pimps’ Joel Huenink, there are only a few more things that need changing in the wolves coming to 7 Days To Die. “Still need to adjust his height so his feet don’t clip, add custom wolf sounds and adjust hit points and scale a bit yet,” says the developer. Basically, what we see in the video isn’t final yet.

It’s likely that the developer is going to make the wolves bigger before the update arrives. When the wolves were first revealed, Huenink also mentioned that they are looking to increase the size of the wolves in the game to make them more terrifying and less buggy with the game’s physics.

Aside from the wolf, another animal that players should look out for in 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 are the bears. However, there are no major stat tweaks to bears so players shouldn’t worry too much. The changes that The Fun Pimps made with the animal are all aesthetic. Once the major update drops, bears will be more detailed. If players look closely, the features of the bear are more refined.

When it comes to other new creatures, there are more terrors that players should lookout for in Alpha 16. The Resurrector and Behemoth zombies are also coming in the update. Moreover, The Fun Pimps will enhance basic zombies by making them radioactive or a Sleeper type.

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