7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Release: All Known Details So Far

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7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Release
The upcoming Behemoth in 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 [Image Captured From 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Developer Diary]

The Fun Pimps is currently readying yet another major update for 7 Days To Die. There’s already a lot to dig into in the upcoming Alpha 16 update and all we have to do is to wait for it to officially drop on PC. Here are the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 release date and other important details.

Release Date

For now The Fun Pimps is yet to reveal when the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 release date is but based on what we are seeing from the developer diaries, the release should not be far. It will come first on the PC version of the game. Players shouldn’t expect the same updates on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as the developer revealed before that they have separate plans for the console and PC version.

Behemoth, Resurrector, Radioactive And Sleepers

The upcoming 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 release is set to bring in quite a host of new features in the game, pretty much like the previous Alpha 15. When it comes to the horrors that would await players in random gen worlds and in Navezgane, The Fun Pimps will add a few new zombies to face.

One of the most terrifying zombie additions is the Behemoth. It’ll be the game’s version of the Tank in Left 4 Dead, and players can expect it to be one tough nut to crack.

Other additions include the Resurrector, Sleeper zombies, and Radioactive zombies. The Resurrector should be the focus of players first as it will revive any nearby zombies. Sleeper zombies are just typical zombies, but they tend to catch players off-guard as they’ll be hidden in dark places and will only attack if the player gets way too close. Lastly, the Radioactive zombie is a glowing green zombie that has radioactive properties.

Zombie Remodelling

While on the topic of zombies, The Fun Pimps will also be adding an upgrade to the design of zombies in 7 Days To Die. The zombies in the game will become more detailed and more diverse once the update arrives, but this is just one of the many visual improvements in the update.

Points Of Interests

Scouring for potentially good areas will be better once the update arrives. Players will be able to see buildings and other structures from afar as long as they get to reach a high place. In the current build, the view of players is obstructed by fog, making it hard to see far-off places.

Building Possibilities

Perhaps the highlight of the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 release is the new and improved building system. With the update, players will be able to create really amazing structures and the only limit is the player’s’ imagination. The update will bring in new tools to make building much easier.

For starters, the new paintbrush tool will bring more life to the structures that players can create. With the upgraded paintbrush tool, players can design their structures to their liking through an array of color palettes and combinations.

Accompanying the new paintbrush tool is an upgrade to the blocks and structure pieces in the game. After the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 release, players will be able to make use of a lot more shapes when creating structures. They won’t be limited to square and corner pieces anymore. This upgrade looks to help players build better and less limited structures.

We’ve recently seen the capacity of the things players can build in 7 Days To Die Alpha 16. The Fun Pimps has really revamped the game’s building mechanic and players should be really excited for when the update finally arrives on PC. Overall, we’re certain that players will be more keen on building their bases in 7 Days To Die once the update arrives.

Generators And Electricity

Accompanying the new building mechanics are new structures that would allow electricity. The update will introduce generators to the game and this would mean granting players access to an array of new structures that use electricity. We’ve yet to fully see just what players can connect to generators, but we’re likely to get a closer look at it in the weeks prior to the release of the much anticipated update.

The Animals

Aside from zombies, there will also be a new threat to players in Navezgane. A new wolf unit will be joining in the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 release. These small animal units are expected to be quick, rabid and damaging so players should take heed when getting near one.

Speaking of wildlife, The Fun Pimps has also improved the model for the bear. After the update arrives, the bears in the game will be better looking and more detailed. If players look closely at the bear model, they’ll see that the fur is more refined and more detailed.

New Random Gen Features

The 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 release will also bring in upgrades to the random generation system when choosing not to play in Navezgane. The Fun Pimps is looking to upgrade the system so that the game will be able to generate better landscapes and more diverse areas in randomly generated worlds. The fix is also done to avoid any poorly generated structures that would affect the overall experience.


Another thing that players should look forward to in the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 release are the new structures, skyscrapers. These skyscrapers will become some of the biggest structures in the game and they’ll be fully explorable. While the chances of obtaining good quality loot is high, players should also be careful as skyscrapers could house a lot of zombies inside.

Auto Turrets

The update will also give players a new way to defend themselves and their bases as auto turrets will be making their debut in the game. From the look of things, auto turrets will be a really formidable form of defence, but they could be really hard to build.

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