7 Days To Die Alpha 16: Random Gen Features, Skyscrapers And New Hitboxes Showcased In Developer Diary

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Recently, The Fun Pimps made fans even more excited about the next major update for 7 Days To Die. The upcoming update is looking more and more amazing as The Fun Pimps is slowly building up the hype for Alpha 16. Here are some of the new and exciting details revealed about the upcoming 7 Days To Die Alpha 16.

Random Gen Stuff

With 7 Days To Die Alpha 16, those who play mainly on randomly generated worlds are in for a treat as the developer is looking to improve how the game creates terrain. After the update, players will be able to come across better built randomly generated worlds. Since players are likely to know Navezgone from front to end after a few hours, the randomly generated worlds are going to be the best way to enjoy the game with a new thrill. The changes coming with the update make it all the more exciting.

The changes will allow the game’s system to create districts in the world. This would give players more diversity when exploring the generated areas. Even the insides of structures are going to be polished, so there’ll be a lot of things to explore.

Better Hitboxes

The developer has also showcased the new and improved zombie hitboxes coming to 7 Days To Die Alpha 16. The new hitboxes will require players to make more accurate shots as zombies will only get damaged if they take a direct hit. While it may be a bit harder to kill zombies after the update, the more realistic approach would further improve the game’s experience.

The developer also comments that they are working on a dismemberment feature in the game. If this feature does get introduced, then hacking into the undead will be more brutal and more detailed. We’ve yet to know whether or not this feature will make it into Alpha 16, but we can wait for the next developer diaries if it’ll indeed be another feature to the major update.


The best reveal this time around are the skyscrapers. These are going to be the largest buildings in-game and players can see these structures up from afar. Like most of the insides of the structures in Alpha 16, the inside of the skyscraper looks highly detailed. Players can explore these building from top to bottom and it’ll be a big source of loot. It’ll also be home to a few zombies, so players should take caution when exploring around.

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