7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Number 9 Update: All New Features Confirmed So Far

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7 Days To Die Alpha 16

Recently, The Fun Pimps’ Joel Huenink discussed the new 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Number 9 update and its changes. Newly revealed by the team are roof gutters, new zombies, and the ability to see points of interest from a distance. Here’s what we know so far about the new features for the 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Number 9 update


According to Joel Huenink’s 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Number 9 video, the game will now have roof gutters for some of its buildings. For now, the gutters serve as additional design to the houses. Other than being a new building cosmetic block, Huenink confirms on the game’s forums that you can mine gutters for some scrap iron.

New Zombies

New zombies were also confirmed in the new 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 update. A football zombie and a fat woman zombie have been showcased on the game’s build. Potentially, these zombies might be tougher to kill as the football zombie has some armor and muscle. Meanwhile, fat woman zombie might have more health than a usual zombie due to her size.

Additionally, the “Resurrector” and “Behemoth” special zombie designs were also introduced in the video. The Resurrector zombie was described to be capable of spawning zombies or enemies out of gore blocks in the area. Potentially, this new zombie would be able to overwhelm the players with reanimated zombies if not killed fast

Lastly, the Behemoth zombie could just be another large and strong special zombie for 7 Days to Die. The hulking giant enemy may have the same role and approach to Left 4 Dead’s Tanks or Resident Evil’s Nemesis creatures. At best, players should just prepare weapons if they plan to go to the high difficulty areas or if they get attacked by one.

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Distant Point of Interest view

Huenink also confirmed that hunting for points of interest won’t be a trial and error exploration in the new build. Players can now see small collection of buildings if they stand on a high place without any obstructions. At best, this allows players to journey accordingly rather than wandering aimlessly and hoping to bump into one Point of Interest. These areas often hold more chances of having materials for building your base or just have an area to loot for supplies.

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