7 Days To Die Alpha 16: New Branch Out For Experimental Alpha

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New Water Animations In 7 Days To Die Alpha 16
7 Days To Die Alpha 16 New Developer Diary [Image Captured From 7 Days To Die Developer Diary]

The Fun Pimps is getting closer and closer in releasing the full build of the next major update for the PC version of 7 Days To Die as players are now getting their hands on a new experimental version of the Alpha 16 update. We could be another step closer to the full release of 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 with this new branch of the Experimental Alpha.

Posting on the game’s official blog, developer The Fun Pimps reveals that branch B112 of the Experimental Alpha of 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 is now out and it comes with a few fixes for the update. The developer notes that there might be more issues hiding in the update and they are urging players to be on the lookout for more.

There are a ton of new changes and fixes coming in the new branch of the update. There’s only one new addition coming in the latest branch, which is a new recipe for a 2m Arch block. The new branch of the Experimental Alpha focuses more on changing and fixing many things in the update.

The skill tree in the game was on the receiving end of a few changes. It includes new features such as the ability to purchase several skills at once, more info on the skills purchased, and several others more. The Fun Pimps also increased the number of skill points gained per level to 6.

As for bug fixes, there are quite a few addressed player-reported issues in the update but as The Fun Pimps notes, there are still a few more issues to look out for. The developer notes that players can help improve the game by doing the following:

  • Show stopping game play bugs (Hopefully with reproduction steps)
  • Crashes (Try and get reproduction steps and post your output_log.txt files – usually found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt – directly in your forum post. Note: You will find all output_logs time stamped there, even from old games. You can also attach your zipped up crash dump file too.)
  • Additionally, you can post balance and feedback in the current Dev diary.

Players can post the bugs they come across over at the forum. At this rate The Fun Pimps could be release the next major update next month since they have now addressed a multitude of issues in this build.

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