7 Days To Die Alpha 16: How To Access The Experimental Alpha

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A Skyscraper In 7 Days To Die
Skyscrapers Are Coming To 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 [Screenshot Captured From 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Developer Diary]

After several months of waiting, The Fun Pimps is finally giving us access to the next major update for 7 Days To Die. What PC players have access to now isn’t the full update though as it’s just an experimental version of the major patch that’s set to come next month. At the least, players should be happy that 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 is now available in some way.

Accessing the Experimental Alpha isn’t as easy as picking an option from the main menu, but it’s not that difficult to do with a written guide. Players will have to tinker with the game’s files first but luckily, The Fun Pimps is there to guide us on the somewhat difficult process.

“This is simply done by going to your steam library game list page, right clicking 7 Days to Die>Properties>Betas>Click the scroll down tab where it says “None” and select “Latest experimental-Unstable build”. Now you should see a patch downloading in your steam download section,” says The Fun Pimps in a post.

It’s worth noting that what players are going to get into is just the Experimental Alpha of 7 Days To Die Alpha 16. They should expect a ton of problems with the version as it’s an unpolished state of the major update to come. If ever the players experience some major bugs, it’s best to report it to The Fun Pimps immediately so that it’ll be sorted out before the full release. After all, the main purpose of the Experimental Alpha is to draw out issues.

Update Content

Despite being in an unpolished state of the full update coming sometime in July, the Experimental Alpha will still have all of the features for one of the game’s biggest updates. Players can expect a fun time as 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 is one jam-packed update filled with a ton of new content and features.

One of the major features being added to the game is Electricity. Along with the addition of this are several new structures that will require electricity to work. Players can have access to some new line of defenses once the update arrives and this is just a very small portion of the content coming with the update. Aside from these, there will be a ton of improvements in performance and gameplay.

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