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7 Days To Die Alpha 16: Experimental Release Window And Other Details Revealed

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7 Days To Die Alpha 16

7 Days To Die on the PC is going to have a major update in the coming months because of what The Fun Pimps is readying for the game. While there’s still no set release date for the upcoming major content update, we’re getting closer to knowing about it soon. The developer has even released a few exciting details about the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 update including a release frame for the Experimental Alpha.

The Fun Pimps’ Joel Huenink (aka Madmole) took to the 7 Days To Die forum to reveal a few things about the update. The post includes a tentative release frame for the update’s experimental version that players have the option to get their hands on.

“Anyhow don’t get too excited about a release any time soon, but I will guestimate a 3-6 week window for experimental. When I start streaming you know its getting closer. I’ll post some game play of A16 soon,” says Madmole on the post.

It’s worth noting again that this is the Experimental Alpha for the upcoming update. This basically means that it’s not the full 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 update but is simply an incomplete version of it. If players do decide on getting their hands on the Experimental Alpha when it launches, they should expect to play through an unpolished version of the update riddled with bugs and issues. Aside from that, Madmole also revealed the finishing touches being made for the update.

He notes that stealth and electricity are still being worked upon by the developers. The Fun Pimps is looking to figure out whether or not the electricity feature is either a perk or a blueprint.  Whatever the case, it looks like The Fun Pimps is going to push this features through Alpha 16.

The same can’t be said for the upcoming Behemoth. According to the post, the Behemoth zombie is going to Alpha 17 instead. There is still work that needs to be done on the huge zombie so players will have to be patient first.

On the other hand, the pig and stag are still in the development stages and The Fun Pimps is unsure of whether or not they’ll make it into Alpha 16. The post does assure that development has been smoother on the wolves, vultures, bears and snakes, so there’s still something to look forward to in terms of wildlife.

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