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7 Days To Die Alpha 16: Vultures, Zombie Models And A Secret Feature Revealed In Latest Developer Diary

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New Water Animations In 7 Days To Die Alpha 16
7 Days To Die Alpha 16 New Developer Diary [Image Captured From 7 Days To Die Developer Diary]

The Fun Pimps’ upcoming major update for 7 Days To Die is looking bigger than ever and the features of Alpha 16 are looking amazing. A new developer diary showcased a lot of new features coming to 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 and it also revealed a new surprise feature coming in the update. Here’s everything that was revealed in the new developer diary.

Surprise Feature

The Fun Pimps’ Joel Huenink revealed the new surprise feature coming to 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 and it’s set to make the game even more exciting. With the new update, a new option will be coming to the game’s modification options, namely the Blood Moon count.

Players should be pretty familiar with the Blood Moon. Every 7th day, a powerful horde of zombies will attack players regardless of how ready they are. With the Blood Moon count option, players will be able to increase the number of zombies that will attack. It ranges from 8 to 64 zombies per player. Basically, if the 64 zombies option is chosen and there are 4 players in a group, there will be a whopping 256 zombies during a Blood Moon.

Water Animation

Among the new gameplay features in 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 are visual improvements that players will get to see once the update arrives. In the developer diary, we got a chance to look at how much the water has changed from the base game. It’s more detailed and hi-res, but Huenink does note that there are still some changes being made to it.

Another Look At Zombie Models

We also get to see just how much the zombies will improve visually once the update arrives. In the video, players get a special look at the old-timer zombie found at the old west town. Other zombies revealed in the video include a stripper zombie and a huge biker zombie model.

According to Huenink, they are working hard to improve several mechanics including better movement, behavior and many more. Like the water animation, zombies are still subject to change before the update arrives and players can expect smarter AI.


Yet another new creature joining the band of enemies in the game are vultures. These animals will swoop down and attack players at any given point in time, but they can be heard from a specific sound that they make when they are nearby. When attacking players, vultures will come down very quickly to strike. It’s best to take out vultures from afar. If long-ranged weapons are unavailable, players need to have perfect timing to strike when the vulture is within reach. 


Another improvement that players will get a hand on in 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 is with regards to the stealth mechanics in the game. Sneaking and other stealth mechanics have been improved so players who like the stealthy approach in-game would have fun with the update.

Release Date

No release date has been revealed during the developer video but in a previous post on the game’s forum, an Experimental Alpha is well on its way next month. Players should expect to hear more about the upcoming Experimental Alpha in future developer diaries. Once the Experimental Alpha releases, it’s likely that the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 release date is going to be near as well.

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