7 Days To Die Alpha 16: Experimental Alpha Out This Week, New Threat Attacks From Ceilings [Rumor]

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7 Days To Die Alpha 16

The next major update for 7 Days To Die is sizing up to be one of the biggest updates for the game and players are very excited for what’s up ahead. Before the full release, The Fun Pimps is going to treat us to an Experimental Alpha first. The wait for the next major update might be drawing to a close as the 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 experimental version could be launching in the next few days.

The Fun Pimps set the entire 7 Days To Die community on a hunt for more after the developer released a somewhat cryptic tweet. “Drop ceilings are the new zombie dogs! There are so many new threats in 7 days,” said the developer over at their Twitter account.

Players are speculating that this could be the developer teasing the upcoming release of the experimental version of 7 Days To Die Alpha 16. The release frame of the major update is set sometime in early June, so the Experimental Alpha releasing in less than a week is very possible. However, it’s possible the “7 days” statement could only be referring to the game’s title.

New Threat?

As for the first part of the cryptic tease, players are speculating that there is yet another new feature coming to 7 Days To Die Alpha 16. For those unfamiliar with the game, zombie dogs remain to be some of the most dangerous creatures in 7 Days To Die and despite a few nerfs, zombie dogs are still the bane of players. That being said, players are speculating that The Fun Pimps is teasing a new threat that could rival the ferociousness of zombie dogs.

Some of the rumored features coming when The Fun Pimps teased “drop ceilings are the new zombie dogs” include zombie dropping down from ceilings, floors collapsing when players walk by, or it could also be about vultures that drop from the sky. Some players are taking the tweet literally and are speculating that ceilings can drop on players when they walk below it.

Whatever the cryptic tweet may be, the 7 Days To Die community is very excited for what’s to come. It’s very likely that the Experimental Alpha for 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 is coming and if that is indeed the case, then the full release of the update is almost certain to come next month.

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