7 Days To Die Update: PS4 & Xbox One Version Still Buggy After Patch 1.03

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7 Days to Die Update

Recently, The Fun Pimps has released the Patch 1.03 for the 7 Days to Die console edition to fix the game?s issues. However, some players on Reddit have noticed some issues that haven?t been fixed at the moment.

According to the 7 Days to Die update post on the official forums, Patch 1.03 or Patch 2, has fixed gameplay, stability, graphics, and sound issues on the game. With these fixes, the game is expected to have a smoother playthrough and minimizing occurrences of game breaking bugs. Despite these fixes, the announcement admits that while they?ve fixed many issues, there?s still some problems that needs to be addressed.

Meanwhile, players on Reddit have confirmed that some issues still happened despite the patch. Issues with the game?s fog of war, heavy frame drops to 5 fps, and disappearing mini bikes seem to still happen after the recent 7 Days to Die update. More than expecting a smoother gameplay, players should opt to be careful in playing the game to not trigger any game breaking bug that may corrupt their save file in the game.

Alternatively, the recent 7 Days to Die update may have a particular glitch on the Xbox One that may improve your experience in the game. According to temporalscavenger?s thread on Reddit, he had just lost his save file after he updated the game. However, he found his character and items intact after making a new game with the same map name. Apparently, the game may have used his old save file to create a new map and even found his old base overrun by zombies. It?s possible that this bug may trigger on your console, ?and you can try this trick out if you?ve ever lost your save file after 7 Days to Die update.

For now, players may have to wait for the next update on consoles for a chance of a smoother gameplay. The console version of 7 Days to Die has been buggy since its release on PS4 and Xbox One ?last June. If possible, players may start stress testing the game for bugs and crashes in order to point out what issues still needs to be fixed.

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