7 Days To Die Update: Pros And Cons Of Alpha 15

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7 Days To Die Update

Recently, The Fun Pimps released the experimental Alpha 15 7 Days to Die update for fans to enjoy. However, some fans have noticed both great additions and major issues in the current build. Despite the developer?s warnings on heavy game instability, fans may want to check how to avoid any bad updates that are?overlooked in the future.

High Difficulty of Alpha 15

According to Fyrdrinc?s thread on the official 7 Days to Die forum, the new updates have mostly upped the game?s difficulty for both old and new players. Aside from the zombies suddenly appearing near the player, the experimental 7 Days to Die update?s horde scaling might be frustrating for new players. Despite being an intended feature to challenge players, a large Day 7 zombie horde may discourage new players to stick with the game. Potentially, it might just be the experimental build just acting up with bugs.

Good Additions

The new Fertilizer item added is definitely a benefit to most players as it allows them to speed up the growth of self-sustaining crops. However, producing one Fertilizer takes up an entire day of game time, which makes it impractical to craft. Perhaps more tweaks on palatable craft times may allow fans to enjoy farming even more in the game.

New Player Introduction

The game?s new difficulty may push players to drop the title. Basic survival strategies like boiling water to have safely consumable drinks aren?t taught on the fly. This may incur multiple deaths due to thirst among new players. The upcoming 7 Days to Die update may either include more tutorials or apt item tooltips to help players survive more.

The Fun Pimps has promised that the full Alpha 15 7 Days to Die update will be released in October. Fans may opt to play this experimental build and be vigilant about the bad updates that might make it in the game?s upcoming build. This zombie title is already experiencing gameplay bugs with its most stable updates. It?ll be bad for the game if it suddenly releases an unplayable game due to bugs in October.

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