7 Days To Die Update: NPC-Focused Patch Brings Trading And Potential Karma System

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7 Days To Die Update

Recently, Joel Huenink from The Fun Pimps showcased the new additions to 7 Days to Die in an Alpha 15 preview video. The new 7 Days to Die update features NPC shops and Player shops. A potential karma system is also in the works. Here?s the video from Huenink.

NPC Shops

In the video, Huenink revealed the ?Traitor Joel?s? stalls that could be rented by players to sell items to others. The rent?s duration has separate clocks for when the player is offline and online. Technically, this system allows the player to sell items at a limited time. Additionally, these NPC shops are invulnerable to player and zombie damage. This damage invulnerability allows players to leave the stalls without fear of their products being ransacked. Once this 7 Days to Die update goes live, players will have an avenue for an actual market economy if their server chooses to have one.

Player Shops

In addition to the Traitor Joel shop stores, players also have a craftable version of these stalls. They can install and sell items here too. However, other players can destroy these versions to easily take the loot without paying. These crafted shops are intended for servers with many players to simulate a local market economy in the game. Additionally, this allows players to transfer items without the need to meet up and barter goods with each other.

Trader NPCs and the Karma System

Huenink also showed some Trader NPCs that have different behavior toward the player. For example, one trader NPC is friendly to the player, while another trader NPC is annoyed of the player?s presence. Huenink also teased a potential Karma system in which the NPCs will treat the character differently based on their actions in the game. The trader NPCs may make it in the upcoming 7 Days to Die update. However, the Karma system is still too early in development to implement in the game.

Technically, an NPC Karma system in an open world crafting game may take some time to develop and pull off correctly. 7 Days to Die doesn?t have a linear mission system, so it?s possible to draw its Karma system from every character action. For now, we?ll have to wait before we receive these Alpha 15 updates. Until then can we see if the developers can pull off a good Karma system in an open world crafting game.

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