7 Days To Die Update: New Bugs In Patch 1.05 For PS4 And Xbox One

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7 Days To Die

A recent update for 7 Days To Die dropped and it once again tried to fix the issues plaguing the game. However, like past updates, patch 1.05 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One once again came with a handful of new bugs. Reports are coming about the new bugs appearing after the new update. How many new issues are there?

No Music

One player reports that while in a party with his friend, the ?Nat Connection Problem? came out. Upon receiving the advisory, he was no longer able to hear any music in-game. There were sound effects but no background music. All he can hear is the background music from the menu. Loading a previous save before the ?Nat Connection Problem? didn?t do anything to solve the issue either.

No Day 42 Horde

Hordes in 7 Days To Die come at set days. Upon reaching a certain day, the player should?ve readied his defenses already. However, after the update, one player reports that no Horde came at day 42 when there should be. This isn?t the first time that this issue happened so The Fun Pimps could probably sort it out in the next update.

Burning Audio On Xbox One

One of the in-game sound effects is burning, and it occurs whenever a zombie or the player is lit on fire. A new bug for the Xbox One after patch 1.05 continuously plays the burning audio sound effect. Usually, the sound effect disappears after a set time or when the zombie or player is no longer on fire.

Luckily, no player has reported any major bugs yet. All reports coming in are minor bugs that don?t cause the game to crash but we?re expecting a few game breaking bugs in patch 1.05 of 7 Days To Die. As always, the new update brought about new problems again. These issues could be sorted out with minor updates in the?coming days.

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