7 Days to Die Update: Considered Features For Alpha 16 Build

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7 Days To Die update

Recently, Joel Huenink of The Fun Pimps answered some questions in his ?Alpha 16 Q and A 6? video. More than just confirming or denying suggestions, Huenink also showed signs of considering some fan input as a potential 7 Days to Die feature that they might work on. Here?s what we know so far about the 7 Days to Die update.

Shopping Mall Point of Interest

In the video, Huenink talked about the Shopping Mall point of interest?in the game. A fan named Arvelayne suggested that a Shopping Mall area could spawn in-game where random shops could be looted for items. However, Huenink pointed out that it?s nice to have this ?Mini Mall? or ?Strip Mall? Points of Interest, but they?ll have to develop it and focus on their intended 7 Days to Die features first.

Randomized Blood Moon Hordes

Around the 9:05 mark of the video, Huenink also received a suggestion on randomizing the Blood Moon Hordes in in 7 Days to Die. Players are encouraged to prepare for the weekly Zombie Horde that?ll hunt them down if they want to keep playing. Huenink rejected the idea as the game?s main feature, but they?re open to developing a special mode that could add a randomized horde feature wherein the hordes may come in earlier or later than expected.

Persistent Zombies

Lastly, Huenink also received a suggestion in the 12:29 mark in the video stating that zombies could force their way in 1 block holes to get through the players. Huenink revealed that they?ve also worked on zombie climbing animations but don?t have the time to implement it correctly yet. Additionally, their assigned developer for this feature is still working on other features at the moment.

Potentially, the future 7 Days to Die update may receive smarter zombies that climb walls and use holes to approach the player in their bases. Currently, players can use the 1 block holes as windows to shoot zombies through them. If players have guns or any decently ranged weapon, they can hurt the zombie through the hole and prevent any damage or infection problems. For now, we can only wait for the next Alpha 16 build to see if these features will get implemented in the game.

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