7 Days To Die Update: Bugs Fixed In Patch 1.1

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7 Days To Die Update

The console version of 7 Days to Die from Telltale Games and The Fun Pimps just received the Patch 1.1 this July 5. However, fans on Reddit are still talking about the problems still present in the game. Here?s the official link for the fixes included in the 7 Days To Die update.

According to the patch notes, the update fixed the game crash that?s triggered when Clint or Miguel leaves or enters a game. Additionally, sound problems on Air Drop noises and ambient audio mixed with rain noises were fixed. The error in locating an Air Drop using Player 2 that?s far away from Player 1 in splitscreen mode was also fixed. Lastly, the online multiplayer connection problems that were triggered when destroying props in the game were also fixed.

It was also confirmed that the next patch will roll out in late July or early August, and it will include more fixes, optimizations and a new DLC pack. Meanwhile, the announcement also mentioned problems that the developers have yet to fix and will possibly be addressed in patch 1.2.

Meanwhile, fans on Reddit are still experiencing some problems even though Patch 1.1 has just rolled out. According to JACOB_HAMMER?s Reddit thread, players still suffer from Minibike issues and save file corruption. Perhaps the next 7 Days to Die update will fix these issues along with the problem that they?re confirmed to be investigating at the moment.

During its initial release, the PlayStation 4 version had a huge issue which prevented players from playing the game if they were connected to online serves. The players found a workaround by disconnecting their unit to the Internet, which allowed their game to load correctly. The game may be experiencing a rough start as the indie-developed title tries out some new features on a console that wasn?t on PC.

7 Days to Die was anticipated by console owners mainly because it?s a survival crafting game with a split-screen feature. Non-competitive splitscreen games on the consoles are often rare, which made players who want a couch co-op title pick up the game. However, it seems like players will still have to muscle through a lot of bug fixes after this recent 7 Days to Die update before they can enjoy the game without problems.

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