7 Days To Die Update Brings Badly Needed Graphical Improvements

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7 Days To Die Update

Recently, 7 Days to Die’s Joel ?Madmole? Huenink posted an update on the 7 Days to Die PC version on his Tumblr blog. The 7 Days to Die update consists of graphical improvements on mipmaps and draw distance that help players gauge their surroundings when looking at the far horizons of the map.

For Survival games, map awareness is crucial as players often scour their surroundings for loot, shelter, and enemies. Everything they can see is an advantage, and this 7 Days to Die update promises to improve a player?s overall vision in the game. Increasing ?draw distance? in open world games means more things to see in the horizon, so it?s entirely helpful for players trying to find specific spots or shelter. Meanwhile, improving ?mipmaps? means players can now easily recognize more distant things in their vision despite the game smudging up its quality to save some processing power of your PC or console.

Players on the game?s subreddit has also been discussing this recent update from Huenink. Players from both the PC and the console ports say that the current draw distance for the game is slightly limited. The title?s gameplay involves scavenging and defending yourself from a zombie horde that comes in weekly. If the draw distance in the game is somehow limited, players won?t be able to see what?s up ahead and won?t have the advantage of planning accordingly.

Additionally, easily finding large buildings for potential loot or convenient infrastructure as a makeshift base may also not be possible with lower draw distances. Players will have to explore farther with the added risk of surprisingly finding a crowd of zombies.

Currently, the exact release of this 7 Days to Die update is unknown as the official site and Twitter account of the game have yet to discuss the graphical improvements. Additionally, this update will come first on the PC, and console players will have to wait longer. Stay updated for more news about the game here on TheBitBag.

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