7 Days To Die Update: Alpha 15 Out This Week, PS4 And Xbox One Not Getting New Patch Anytime Soon

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7 Days To Die Update

Recently, Joel Huenink of The Fun Pimps has confirmed that the upcoming 7 Days to Die update is coming in this week. However, the Alpha 15 update will be a buggy experimental build that will only be available on PC for a long time. Console 7 Days to Die players may still have to wait for some time to get this upcoming update. Here?s what we know so far.

Alpha 15 Beta version

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As seen on the Developer Diary thread on the official forums, the 7 Days To Die update will be coming in this week for the PC. As confirmed by a 7 Days to Die Reddit Moderator, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users may have to wait a little longer. So far, player and NPC shops are one of the notable additions in the Alpha 15 version of 7 Days to Die.

Experimental Build

Huenink has confirmed that the upcoming update will be an ?experimental pre alpha release of a15, for testing?. Huenink has also exaggerated the instability of the upcoming Alpha 15 update, which could mean a worse state than the game?s buggy live servers.

Huenink has also reminded players to refrain from being too attached to their progress in this experimental build. For now, the upcoming 7 Days to Die update this week are for those players who are interested to see the new additions in action and not for actual gameplay.

Full PC Alpha 15 Release Date

In addition to the gameplay instabilities, Huenink has also confirmed that the full Alpha 15 release will launch in early October. Console fans may hope that the Alpha 15 patch for the PS4 and Xbox One may be done at that time.

PC players may opt to get ready for the Alpha 15 by briefly playing the experimental build to try out the new systems. The patch may lack polish, but players already have a preview of the upcoming update in their hands. Additionally, players can report any potential fixes to the new updates so it?ll be best to try it out than waiting for the full release this October.


The Fun Pimps has released a new update for PS4 and Xbox One players. The patch addressed several issues plaguing the game, including the notorious ladder bug.

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