7 Days To Die Update 1.12 For PS4 And 1.0.12 For Xbox One Soon; Patch Notes Revealed By The Fun Pimps

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7 Days To Die Patch 9
Image Courtesy Of 7 Days To Die Official Website

The Fun Pimps isn’t only busy on the PC version of 7 Days to Die as the console versions are due for a few changes as well. A new update is now in submission and it’s only a matter of time before we get the update. Here’s everything we know so far about the 7 Days to Die patch 9.

7 Days to Die Patch 9 Release Date

The patch notes for the upcoming 7 Days to Die update was just posted last Saturday. The Fun Pimps notes that it’s already up for submission so players should expect it to arrive within the week. However, no exact release frame has been given yet. The update will be 7 Days to Die update 1.12 for the PlayStation 4 and 7 Days to Die update for the Xbox One.

Patch 9 Details

7 Days to Die patch 9 won’t add new things to the game, but it will fix a whole lot of issues that need sorting out. Players should download the update as soon as it arrives because it’s set to improve the overall gaming experience by addressing both major and minor bugs.

First off, The Fun Pimps warns players that the wild dogs in the game will become an even bigger threat. Once the update arrives, the bug preventing dogs to reach top speed will be sorted out. Meaning they’ll be a lot faster than usual and their speed will be more consistent as the bug hindering their full speeds will be gone. When it comes to exploits, the update will sort out a few ones, namely:

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to duplicate minibikes and any items in their shopping baskets
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to duplicate items using campfires
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to steal owned minibikes

The upcoming update also looks to sort out a lot of other issues in the game that’s been bugging players for quite a while now. One of which is an issue that causes a player to spawn in a new world with nothing in the inventory when the server disconnects while joining a session. There are a lot of other issues that the update will sort out.

MD5 Fix Coming Soon?

In another post by the developer, it notes that they are working hard on fixing the MD5 Errors that have been bugging players for a long while now. For now, The Fun Pimps encourages players to share their experiences with this long running problem.

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