7 Days To Die Update 1.09 Live! New PS4 And Xbox One Patch Fixes MD5 Errors

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7 Days To Die update

There’s a new update for the console versions of The Fun Pimps 7 Days To Die. There’s not much to expect in the new update as it focuses on fixing a particularly annoying bug that can ruin the fun and game time of console players. Here’s what the 7 Days To Die update 1.09 brings once it’s downloaded on your PS4 or Xbox One.

7 Days To Die Update 1.09

As posted?by The Fun Pimp’s Community Manager on the?official forums of 7 Days To Die a couple of days ago, the latest console patch?will fix an annoying MD5 error bug that has been terrorizing players for some time now. The MD5 error bug came after patch 6 launched for the game.

“Shortly after Patch 6 was released, we found that when a player would interact with the terrain near a certain tree it would cause MD5 errors,” said the developer.

With the hotfix downloaded, players shouldn’t be too wary of getting the MD5 error in a certain area. Though this issue hasn’t been resolved completely as the MD5 error might still trigger in certain places.

The 7 Days To Die update 1.09 weighs around 1GB and while it didn’t bring any new features,?it’s important nonetheless as the bug it gets rid of is very annoying. The patch awaited the approval of Microsoft and Sony first before launching, so it took a while before players got the hotfix.

Patch 6 for 7 Days To Die went live a couple of days ago. The patch was a fix for a lot of issues in?and it brought several new content including the Dynamic Blood Moon Horde difficulty.?With patch 6 downloaded, players no longer had to worry about a long list of bugs and issues as the update sorted it out. However, patch 6 also brought the MD5 error with it.

Players aren’t reporting any new errors yet with update 1.09. If there are any, they should quickly report to the developers so that a hotfix will be prepared immediately.

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