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7 Days To Die Update 1.08: What’s Next From The Fun Pimps?

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7 Days To Die Update

The 7 Days to Die update 1.08 just rolled out for PS4 and Xbox One. As of now, fans will have to wait a few weeks until The Fun Pimps introduces new content for the game. Previously, The Fun Pimps? Joel Huenink answered some of the game?s Q&A in the forums and one of the noteworthy additions in 1.08 that was mentioned before in the Q&A’s is the Dynamic Blood Moon Horde Difficulty. Here’s some more possible content from the Q&A’s that we might see in the next 7 Days to Die update.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This one is for PC players. As seen in?Huenink?s Alpha 16 Q&A video, a fan suggested a quick Keyboard shortcut in maneuvering and managing the game?s inventory. Huenink gave a positive response which could mean that it would be included in a future 7 Days to Die update soon. Keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys are important to the avid players of any game as they allow faster actions in the game. Players who?ve memorized these shortcuts can whip out a weapon faster out of their inventory rather than fumbling and getting themselves killed.

Alarm Use

Additionally, 7 Days to Die forum user Adrian246 suggested to Huenink that shop alarms should suddenly go off to alert the zombies of their position. Huenink explains that this addition may be difficult as it?s been intended to have many idle zombies in abandoned shops. Triggering the alarm may easily force the player to run away and fight the horde rather than loot as they please. However, Huenink considers the idea as they can place alarms in some places near a rare item. If possible, alarms might be used in a future 7 Days to Die update to discourage other players from using them.

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Randomly Generated But Familiar Cities

Lastly, a fan in the forum, Xtrakicking, asked The Fun Pimps if they can make smaller, hand-crafted cities that could randomly spawn somewhere like the game?s Perishton map. This suggestion could easily be included as more ?Points of Interest? buildings and structures. Fans will have to watch out for a future 7 Days to Die update if they receive more Points of Interest added to the game?s build.

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