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7 Days To Die Update 1.08: Dynamic Blood Moon Horde Difficulty, The Journal, And More For PS4 And Xbox One Patch

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7 Days To Die Update

Recently, The Fun Pimps announced the new 7 Days to Die update 1.08 for the consoles. The new patch includes ?The Journal,? Dynamic Blood Moon Horde difficulty and a container sorting system in the game. Here?s what we know so far about the new 7 Days to Die patch for?PS4 and Xbox One.?

The Journal

According to the official 7 Days To Die forum post, the 7 Days To Die update 1.08 includes The Journal system which records the tips and actions of the player. If you ever missed a tip or accidentally close it before finishing to read it, you can use the Journal to check them again. Additionally, the Journal also chronicles what you?ve done so far which is handy if you need to recall activities or show your achievements so far.

Dynamic Blood Moon Horde Difficulty

The Dynamic Blood Moon Horde difficulty automatically tweaks and adapts the Blood Moon zombie horde spawns in the game. This?new difficulty setting?is intended for players who want a challenge and be surprised whenever a zombie horde gets to them. This system is affected by the player?s current progress and situation, the player?s level, the current difficulty setting, and the number of players in-game. The new difficulty is intended to scale with the player?s choice if he chooses to tackle this mode.

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Container Sorting

Before the 7 Days to Die update 1.08, players had to manually stack the items in their storage if they want to sort it out nicely or clear space for new ones. However, the new Container Sorting system allows the player to quickly organize stackable items in one press of a button. This is extremely handy after farming resources or just plain reorganizing your storage.

The new 7 Days to Die patch is called update 1.08 for its PS4 version. Meanwhile, it?s called update for the Xbox One. The patch also includes game fixes like the previous patches. Stay updated with more 7 Days to Die news here on The BitBag.

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