7 Days To Die Update 1.07 Breaks Multiplayer

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7 Days To Die update

The Fun Pimps recently launched update 1.07 for 7 Days To Die on consoles. The update brought new features and even fixed the current bugs in the game, but as usual, new bugs and issues have began popping up left and right. One player in particular reports a rather annoying bug after the 7 Days To Die update, but it seems many are having trouble with multiplayer now.

Over at the official forum of 7 Days To Die, player Hitman-187 reported one of the bugs he found in the game. After the 7 Days To Die update, the player and his friend can?t play in the Navezgane coop map as the game keeps kicking them out for some reason.

?We play in Navezgane coop online we have been playing with no problems till we both made mini bikes and are on day 60 we started having big problems.. every time we are playing and my friend opens his map. we both get an error and get kicked out of game.. i am hosting and i can use my map but as soon as my friend does we get kicked out of game,? the player reports.

Multiplayer Problems?

A few other players are reporting that they are getting kicked out of servers for no reason. Hayes09 reports that upon getting in a multiplayer game, things will run smoothly, but the game will crash upon reaching day 3. When he rejoins the game, the player is unable to loot storage boxes and more.

The Fun Pimps team is quick to reply to the messages. For now, the developer can only give out temporary solutions to the game. The console bugs section of the forum is currently filling with multiplayer complaints, and it?s very likely that fans will see bug fixes in the next update to the game. For now, players should report all issues they come across with.

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