7 Days To Die Update 1.05 Live! Patch For PS4 And Xbox One Fixes Ladder Bug, Crash Issues, And More

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7 Days To Die Update

Recently, The Fun Pimps rolled out fixes for 7 Days to Die with its update 1.05 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Ladder bug has been fixed in this recent patch. Here?s what we know so far about this new 7 Days to Die update.

Patch Notes

Aside from the ladder bug fix, other issues have also been fixed in update 1.05. The new patch now prevents the game from crashing when a player loads a save file and his character isn?t on a solid surface. Technically, this spawn bug forced players to be mindful of their character?s position when leaving games. Failing to secure a safe spot for their character may ultimately result in an unplayable save file. So far, there doesn?t seem to be a new major bug in this game?s build.

Stairway to Everything

The previous 7 Days To Die update brought fixes but also new bugs to the game. The Ladder bug forced players to avoid ladders as it quickly drains the player?s hunger and thirst meters upon climbing. Players had to resort to making stairs in place of ladders to avoid triggering the faster meter drains. Both the ladder and hatch bugs have been fixed in the latest update.

Upcoming Update

Recently, Joel Huenink from The Fun Pimps confirmed that an experimental test build of the Alpha 15 will be playable on the PC this week. PC players will be able to try the game?s new shop systems. However, they may have to muscle through an extremely buggy build of a 7 Days to Die update. Huenink also confirmed that the full Alpha 15 will be available in October. However, it?s unknown if the PC Alpha 15 patch will also be released in the consoles along with its PC release.

For now, players may enjoy the new fixes in the game. It?ll be best if they report any game-breaking or annoying bug they encounter in the game. Stay updated for more 7 Days to Die news here on TheBitBag.

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