7 Days To Die Review: Surviving The Apocalypse And Bugs Within

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7 Days to die

7 Days to Die, though unpopular as compared to other zombie games, brings a lot to the table for zombie fans and survival game addicts alike. There are a few issues here and there, but let?s all admit that the game is an unpolished jewel that?s a few patches or updates away from being an excellent title. Here?s our 7 Days to Die review.


From the start, the game instantly pulls players back to crafting made popular by Minecraft. Players are basically naked, and they?ll need to punch their way into creating a better survivor. However, there?s a lot more to 7 Days to Die than just crafting and building a comfy base.

When players manage to reach the seventh night, what used to be a stroll in the park will turn into a nightmare as zombies begin to become more savage. Those unprepared will surely be overwhelmed by the odds.


It?s a unique concept to give players several nights of easy gameplay in preparation for the horde, and it?s a good one. Players will anticipate the seventh night the moment they begin, and starting the game naked and with a few supplies at hand really intensifies the survival experience.

What?s even better is the console versions both have online and local multiplayer, so buddies can go surviving with each other. The online version though is a bit of a bother, but more on that later.

Consoles vs PC

The game has been playable for several years now on PC, and the console versions launched only a week ago. Despite the long wait, there?s little difference from the 7 Days to Die PS4 and Xbox One version from the PC version.

The menus are obviously geared towards keyboard/mouse usage, and it?s often a bother to have to press a button several times to look through an item in an overloaded menu. The hard-to-navigate menu becomes an even bigger burden during nights when players have to craft essential tools immediately. Although shortcuts are available, it just won?t do.

Another thing to point out is the game?s outdated visuals. The graphics look like the PC is running it at low or medium quality settings at best. It won?t do for the standards of today?s consoles, but since the game is still not fully developed, we?re expecting visual overhauls from the developers sometime in the future.


As with any other 7 Days to Die review, bugs and glitches are the major no-nos of the game. Players complaining about save-corrupting issues are growing by the day. High-level characters are suddenly inaccessible, thanks to a bug that destroys saves when using a few characters. Avoiding the bug is as easy as not choosing the affected characters, but the fact that The Fun Pimps still hasn?t addressed this issue in a game that mainly concerns progress is worrying.

Aside from that, the game also slows down from time to time. When connected online, the frame rate begins to drop, so playing with others online isn?t recommended for now. The game also freezes for a few seconds on several occasions, and it?s really bothersome as players will find themselves near dangerous objects, thanks to the lag.


As good and as fun as the game is, we can?t overlook in this 7 Days To Die review the fact that The Fun Pimps may have rushed the title?s PS4 and Xbox One versions, and the issues are solid evidence of that. If they manage to address the issues AND spruce up the visuals, there?s no doubt that this zombie crafting game for consoles will be a must-have for survival aficionados.

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