7 Days To Die Release: Why You Should Be Hyped

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7 Days To Die

After its appearance at E3 2016, Telltale Games and The Fun Pimps? 7 Days To Die is about to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this June 28. Despite not being a AAA release, this game is still awaited due to its split-screen feature and relatively casual zombie apocalypse survival gameplay with interesting crafting mechanics. Here?s why you should be hyped about this upcoming game.

It has a split-screen feature

Most multiplayer games opt for online game modes where more than two players can play in one match or server. Split-screen features in console games have taken a backseat and even gone out of development due to the online multiplayer feature. Recent couch co-op games are also somewhat limited compared to competitive first-person shooters. However, 7 Days to Die will feature a split-screen co-op mode, and it also has online multiplayer connectivity. However, we?ve yet to confirm if you can bring your split-screen buddy and partner up with other players online.

The game doesn?t warrant too much skill to be enjoyed

Similar to the beginnings of YouTubers back in 2011, Survival Crafting games do not need intense player experience as newcomers can learn through trial and error. Knowing how to move, loot, build, and defend yourself from zombies will be enough to enjoy the challenges of 7 Days To Die. It?s entirely okay to run blindly and try to break to first rock with your character?s bare hands in a Survival Crafting game.

Despite the game?s title, 7 Days To Die doesn?t stop and continues playing after Day 8. Adding up to their ?seven days to die? title concept, the zombie infection will kill your character in a week if left uncured. Later in the game, the game?s systems will spawn a horde of zombies to rush toward the location of the players every seven days. It is up to the players to prepare for this incoming horde and keep their characters and resources in tact until that time comes. Failing to survive in this survival crafting game due to inexperience won?t always result in extreme frustration as there are no matches to lose, and you can always recreate another zombie-infested world to start over with.

7 Days to Die is just a week away

According to its recent trailer, the game will be released on June 28. Unlike hyped AAA games that don?t even have an exact release date yet, this one will be released without months of waiting. While you?re waiting for Final Fantasy 15, Kingdom Hearts 3, or the next Mario multiplayer game, you can pick up 7 Days to Die to keep yourselves busy before the aforementioned titles arrive.

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