7 Days To Die Release Date: What You Should Know Before Buying

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7 Days To Die

Despite the hype of a survival crafting game set in a zombie apocalypse and a split-screen multiplayer game on the console, you should consider a few things first before buying 7 Days To Die. The game will be released tomorrow on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, but there?s still time for you to reconsider buying the game unless you?ve already pre-ordered it. Here are some points to consider if you?re buying the upcoming title from The Fun Pimps and Telltale Games.

Outdated graphics

Technically, the game will have graphics improvements since it?ll have standardized specs of a console, but it?ll only help a little. The upcoming console release is not a remaster. 7 Days to Die on the consoles is mostly a port of a 2013 PC game, so make sure to reconsider if you?re the type that gets turned off from repeatedly seeing outdated textures in a recently released game.

Telltale Games is its publisher, not its developer

As seen on the label, Telltale Games is actually part of this upcoming console release. Telltale Games is known for the visual novel style games where players are taken to story-heavy adventures in which their choices affect the relationships and outcomes of in-game events. From The Walking Dead video game to Tales from the Borderlands, the writing in Telltale Games entries are mostly considered generally good.

Despite the inclusion of the Lee Everett and Michonne pre-order bonus skin in the game, you won?t be getting any constant story-based climactic action in 7 Days to Die.

Telltale Games only published the title indie developers The Fun Pimps created. If you?re seeking for a good, satisfying story crafted by its developers, you better look somewhere else as 7 Days to Die?s drama stems from player interaction and the survival crafting aspect of the game.

Playing it alone and its general concepts

No, the game is not scary to play alone, but it may get boring for you in the long run. Besides its crafting and building systems, the game may seem better when played with friends. Other crafting games beat 7 Days to Die?s building quality, and the survival crafting genre set in a zombie apocalypse isn?t new either. Base building against the zombies or other players may be one of 7 Days to Die?s strong points though. Survival crafting games tend to get dragging and lonely when they?re played alone. As the game?s console version has been confirmed to have splitscreen and online multiplayer capabilities, make sure to bring at least one friend to improve your gaming experience.


7 Days to Die is now available on both PS4 and Xbox One. However, day one players didn’t have a pleasant experience as numerous issues plagued?the game, forcing many to use a workaround to get past the loading screens.

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