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7 Days To Die: How To Play Split-Screen On PS4 And Xbox One

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7 Days To Die

The Fun Pimps? survival horde crafting game is one tough title to get the hang of since night comes without mercy. From the beginning, players are forced to start off with a literally naked survivor with only their wits to survive. But things are a whole lot different when more than one player is struggling to survive. One of the features of 7 Days To Die in its console versions is the split-screen multiplayer function, which may be a bit hard to access.

If players browse the home menu of the game, it?s hard to determine where or how to access the split-screen multiplayer of the game since there?s no option for it. Players looking to find ?local co-op? or ?local multiplayer? aren?t going to find any.

To get into the split-screen multiplayer of 7 Days To Die, one simply needs to start a single-player game. From there, have the second player start up his controller, and then an option for split-screen will pop up.

There are several advantages to playing with a friend locally. It?s easier to communicate and it?s easier to survive overall since the two players can split tasks between themselves, and progressing will be significantly easier. Additionally, playing multiplayer locally is probably more preferred than online since there are issues hindering the game to play at full capacity.

If players connect to the Internet to look for friends to play with, they might get into lengthy loading times. There are even some players reporting that they can?t load their games on the servers.

However, there are disadvantages to local multiplayer as well. One of them is the screen itself. The menus and texts become significantly smaller with two players in the game, so be sure that you?re equipped with a big screen so both of you can play 7 Days To Die comfortably.

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