7 Days To Die Update 1.13 Patch Notes For PS4 And Xbox One Announced By The Fun Pimps

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7 Days To Die Patch 9
Image Courtesy Of 7 Days To Die Official Website

Player of 7 Days To Die on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have access to a new hotfix soon as The Fun Pimps recently announced it on their page. The 7 Days To Die update 1.13 is set to sort out a few issues in the game and it’s a much needed hotfix right now. The version number of the patch on PS4 is 1.13 while it’s on the Xbox One. Here’s what we know so far about the latest patch. 

Release Time And Other Details

As announced by The Fun Pimps on their page, 7 Days To Die update 1.13 will arrive sometime within the day. As of this writing, the update isn’t out yet but players can expect it within the following hours. The update doesn’t add anything new to the game but it will sort out some issues.

7 Days To Die Patch 1.13

The Fun Pimps already posted the patch notes for the upcoming update on their blog. Here’s the full patch notes for the 7 Days To Die update 1.13 does:

  • Fixed the source of new MD5 errors introduced in Patch 9
  • Removed “trial version” text from bottom right corner of the screen
  • Fixed issue causing the texture of the bird’s nest to revert to the old version

The MD5 error issue causes players to lose a lot of progress in the game. Players are keen on looking for temporary fixes for the bug but to no avail. The Fun Pimps has been working on it and it seems like there’s finally a fix for the issue.

What’s good about the hotfix is that it fixes the MD5 error that has been bugging players in the console version of the game for a long time now. It’s a recurrent issue and hopefully, 7 Days To Die update 1.13 finally removes the issue for good. Only time will tell whether the issue finally gets resolved or if it will come in another form in future updates.

The other fixes in the upcoming patch are minor only but they still improve the overall experience. The update will come anytime now so players should keep a close watch on when the patch finally becomes available for download.

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