7 Days To Die Patch 1.1: Issues That Haven?t Been Resolved Yet

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7 Days To Die

The Fun Pimps is slowly but surely doing its work on the console versions of 7 Days To Die. Just recently, the developer released a patch that fixes a few of the bugs plaguing the game, and although the title isn?t totally clean, patch 1.1 makes owning the title a bit better than it was at launch, but there are still a few things we wish the The Fun Pimps fixed.

Frame Rate Drops And Freezes

Oddly enough, the 7 Days To Die update didn?t address one of the first reported issues in the console version of the game, which is the constant frame rate drops and freezes. It?s one of the more annoying issues in the game as it could really disrupt gameplay, and the only way to work around it is by disconnecting from the Internet. Doing so will of course stop all online activities in the game like getting the difficult Alexander The Great trophy.

Hordes Attacking Every Night

7 Days To Die Update

There have been players reporting that Hordes are attacking every night instead of the set seventh night schedule. They?ve also reported that no Screamers were nearby, so it?s impossible for a Horde to be attracted. This problematic issue is very disruptive as players won?t be able to get breathing room in surviving if the massive Hordes begin attacking constantly.

No Visual Upgrade

Patch 1.1 for 7 Days To Die does not have a visual upgrade whatsoever, so we?re still stuck with the poor last-gen graphics of the game. It?s likely that The Fun Pimps is prioritizing issues over upgrades first since most players are having a tough time getting through the game without fear of losing their data. Once The Fun Pimps takes care of all major existing bugs, we can expect visual upgrades to come after it.

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