7 Days To Die Multiplayer: How To Put Waypoints And Player Markers On The Map

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The Fun Pimps? 7 Days To Die is charming as a single-player game, but playing it with several other players make the experience better. Like most of the mechanics in the game, The Fun Pimps does not say upfront how to do a few features that are vital, especially when playing with other players. Here?s a couple of those unexplained features on the PS4:


Waypoints are very important in moving around in 7 Days To Die as the map shows off most of the important areas that the player should explore. Some players in multiplayer don?t know how to set shared waypoints on the map, leading to a bit of confusion when exploring with other players.

To share a waypoint, players will need to highlight it on the left of the screen and then move the cursor to the ?share waypoint? option. If done correctly, all allies will see it.

Ally Cursor

Another problem with multiplayer is the map doesn?t reveal the location of the other players instantly. This leads to big problems as the map is large, and it may be hard for four players to regroup without exactly seeing where the others are on the map.

To see others on the map, players will need to bring up the menu and locate the ?players? menu. It will reveal all the players on the map. If the user ticks the ?+? sign next to the player, they will become allies, and all that?s left is to tick ?track,? and their location will appear on the map.

For a more legitimate survival experience in 7 Days to Die, some players opted to not have the cursors of others on the map. Instead, each player described where they are. It?s the more difficult choice, but it?s worth trying out.

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