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7 Days To Die: List Of PS4 & Xbox One Bugs And Possible Workarounds

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7 Days To Die

It?s obvious that The Fun Pimps? survival horde crafting game is not yet a fully developed title. ?The recently released console port of 7 Days To Die are even more disastrous and are filled with several issues and bugs as well. The game is a pretty promising title that could be even better when everything?s already in place. Meanwhile, the best way for us to enjoy the game for now is by pinpointing and avoiding the currently known issues of the game.

Inventory Bug

A few players report that they are having troubles with logging into the servers of their friends. If they do manage to get in, they?ll be kicked out immediately. The issue is something that concerns the inventory, and the current workaround for now is to avoid using Clint or Miguel.

CE-34878-0 Error

This issue is exclusive to the PS4, and the roots of the problem aren?t determined yet, so it?s hard to avoid. What happens with this bug is the saves in 7 Days To Die are inaccessible because the game crashes whenever it loads. The CE-34878-0 is a common error in the PS4, and some cases can be fixed with restarting the console. In worst cases, players will need to re-install the PS4 system software to get rid of the problem.

Extended Loading Times

This is one of the first reported issues in the console versions of 7 Days To Die. The good thing is that this issue can be fixed simply by disconnecting the PS4 from the Internet. This, however, stops the player from accessing online multiplayer.

There are a lot of problems in the game for now, so we?re expecting a patch from The Fun Pimps sometime soon. For now, it?s best to follow the workarounds here. Players are also advised to report any issues they encounter on the official forum of the game.

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