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7 Days To Die Guide: Building A Farm

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7 Days To Die

Surviving in 7 Days to Die requires a lot of patience and careful planning. There are a lot to consider in your character?s survival including the base, weapons and armor. One of the more important stats to look out for in the game is Hunger. While hunting and cooking animals is good, it becomes a tedious task the longer the game runs. Luckily, we?re able to construct farms in the game. Here?s our 7 Days to Die Guide for building a farm. Take note that this guide is applicable for all versions of the game including the newly released PS4 and Xbox One version.

The most important thing before building a farm is finding the perfect spot to build it in. The land should be flat, and close but not too close to your base. Building it exactly next to the base will leave it vulnerable to hordes when night falls.

Some players have managed to create farms underground as unlike in real life, the crops don?t need sunlight. However, building underground farms is easier and less time-consuming to do later in the game.

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Once you?ve found the perfect spot, craft a Gardening Hoe from 2 Iron Ingots and 3 Sticks. This can be used to plow the land and as a weapon as well. Before plowing the land, gather seeds first. To get seeds, you must first find the crop itself. One of the best plants to crop are Potatoes since they?re easy to find and can provide a Thirst and Hunger boost when eaten raw.

With the seeds planted, craft a Bucket. Go to a nearby lake and fill the bucket with water. Back at your farm, dig a block of dirt next to the desired crop then fill it with water so that all near plants will be watered down.

Soon enough, the crops will grow and you?ll have a food source. Be sure to fortify the farm though as it can easily be trampled by zombies and even you. Wooden Spikes would do, but lay down a couple of traps nearby just to be safe.

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