7 Days To Die Guide: Best Base Types You Should Try Building

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7 Days To Die

Building a base that can withstand one night of hordes in 7 Days to Die is easy, but building one that can last for several nights without sustaining much damage is a feat. It?s hard to build a base without any plan as to what the final outcome will be, but there are a few base types you should try out. Here?s our 7 Days to Die guide on base types you should create.

A House On Stilts

The concept of this base is to build it in a way that the main base is elevated from the ground. This leaves fewer chances of being overrun by zombies. You should build a staircase or ladder leading up to the doors, but don?t complete the staircase. Make sure that there?s exactly one block missing from the last step to the door. This allows you to jump into the house, while the zombies will fall below since they can?t jump. Be sure to build Wooden Spikes beneath the space.

The only big threat are Spider zombies as they can easily climb. Also make sure to reinforce the pillars that support the base as they could be destroyed, causing everything to tumble down.

A Fortress

This is the most ideal 7 Days to Die base. It should have high walls, many traps and even snipe towers. However, thanks to its size and power, it?s easier to build with others than alone.

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An Underground House

This is one of the more common types of base builds as it is secure, and with enough effort, you can even build a farm inside. The opening to the base will be a tunnel that can serve as a chokepoint so zombies get in one by one. Another major issue with this is zombies can dig down the ceiling, so be sure to reinforce it as well so that it won?t be vulnerable to attacks.


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