7 Days To Die: How To Get The Alexander The Great Trophy/Achievement

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7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die has its own set of achievements and trophies for the console. Despite being a fun and thrilling experience, the game is also geared for completionists as it has a ton of trophies and achievements. However, some players may have a hard time completing the game as some of the tasks for acquiring every trophy and achievement are downright insane.

The Alexander The Great trophy/achievement may be one of the most absurd ones in recent titles as it requires the player to kill exactly 2,500 players. What makes the task even more absurd is that only four players are allowed per generated world.

Even if players are able to log in the game with a full server, the best they could do is take out three players, and that?s not even guaranteed because some players might be better. The easiest way to do it is by gathering three friends. It?s preferably better to find friends who are also looking to grab the trophy.

Be warned though as this will take a lot of patience. The updated list by Exophase reveals that no player has achieved the feat yet. Even the Genghis Khan trophy is yet to be achieved by anyone. This trophy requires the player to kill 500, which is a small number compared with 2500.


Since 7 Days to Die recently launched for the consoles, we can?t expect players to kill 500 or 2,500 players right off the bat. However, we can expect a few trophy hunters making their way to accomplish the task soon.

There are a lot of other absurd 7 Days to Die trophies and achievements that players might not even try getting in their playthrough of the game. Hopefully, The Fun Pimps hears us out when we ask for an overhaul of the trophies and achievements.

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