7 Days To Die: Console Differences From PC Version

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7 Days To Die

Due to being originally a PC title, 7 Days to Die on consoles will definitely have some performance and gameplay differences besides its control settings. Changes in the graphics are expected, while gameplay features are sure to be adapted to the console?s specific control setting. Here are some differences of the game?s console and PC versions.


According to the console information thread in the 7 Days to Die forums, the game has been adapted to the console hardware which may mean better-looking details for console players. The post also confirmed that some ?items and steps? were removed, but it?s unknown if they were for the in-game inventory items and game systems. The console version will also use the new UI which will be good for gamepad use. Besides the PC?s moddable controller support, keyboard and mouse configurations often have the edge against gamepads in first-person shooters as a mouse is more equipped in shifting the camera view than an analog stick. Even with camera sensitivity set to max, console players may have to get used to slightly ?stiffer? leaning to look at places.

Multiplayer capability

In the PC version, players can connect to each other as long as they can find each other?s servers and their lag latency allows them to play smoothly. The console versions can still do this, but only with the same consoles. The forum post also states that cross-platform play of Playstation 4 and Xbox One will not be possible in the 7 Days To Die console version. Additionally, PC players cannot connect with console players as well. Make sure you have friends using the same console if you plan on playing with each other online.

Content differences

As stated in the same forum thread, the console version is a ?separate? standalone version that has game content up to game version”A14+.”?The Alpha 14 version was released last March 26, and the most recent stable Alpha 14.7 update was released last June 20, so the console version may not be that behind on updates.

The PC version will stay in Early Access despite the certainty of the console release. This game may follow the footsteps of Overwatch?s PC and console versions, where the two are balanced separately to allow players of both versions to adjust accordingly with their specific control setting.

Due to 7 Days to Die not being a full-on competitive survival crafting game, the update differences may be limited to particular systems that don?t work well on a gamepad or are too punishing for players to react to.

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