7 Days To Die: How To Bypass The Save-Corrupting ?Building Environment? Bug

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A patch for The Fun Pimp?s 7 Days To Die released last week, and players now expect a smoother gameplay and fewer issues to deal with in the zombie survival game. However, players are still encountering a save-corrupting bug which is making it very troublesome for others to fully enjoy the game.

Before the update, players reported that there are several characters in 7 Days To Die that could potentially ruin progresses, like Aiden and Clint. The same issue is the bane of some players, and with the next patch still a few weeks away in August, playing is very dangerous if players want to get into the far ends of the game.

Redditor CharityDairy posted a possible fix for those having trouble with the ?Building Environment? bug that makes saves inaccessible. However, this fix is proven to work only on the Xbox One for now.

  • While still sitting at the infinite loading screen (DO NOT close the application), go to Xbox Home
  • Hit the Menu button on 7 Days to Die, go to Manage Game
  • Go to your save data and choose to delete your LOCAL save data only
  • After you’re sure it’s deleted, unplug your console from the wall. Do not hit the power button or close the game, as this will upload your bugged save to the cloud.
  • Turn on your console and open 7 Days to Die
  • Wait for it to resync your data from the cloud
  • Try to load your save again

Since there are no other means of getting around this 7 Days to Die save corrupting issue, this method might be worth the try. For PS4 players, the safest method would be to keep several copies of a save. For precautionary measures, players have transferred their saves to an external source so there?s a backup when things go wrong.

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