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7 Days To Die Bug: Characters You Should Avoid Using On Consoles

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7 Days To Die

The console version of 7 Days to Die recently launched last week and the game is a bit clunky to say the least. The console versions are far inferior to the original PC version for now in terms of performance, and console players are left to fend off zombies and progress destroying bugs. The servers and the game world isn?t only what?s wrong with the game as it seems that some characters carry a 7 Days To Die bug on their own.

Upon starting a game, players are prompted to choose from a selection of characters. The prospect of selecting from quite a few survivors is exciting, but players should pick with caution as some of these characters may corrupt data eventually.

Several players report that Aiden shouldn?t be picked as he is a character carrying a 7 Days to Die bug. While Aiden and the generated world will function normally, players may encounter trouble in the long run as the file they are using might become inaccessible. This is particularly bothersome to those who have made it far into the game.

One player reports that he was already 16+ hours into his Aiden playthrough on the PS4 when the game crashed unexpectedly. Since then, he has never been able to access his file again.

The Aiden bug is just another recently discovered 7 Days to Die bug and he?s the third character that players should avoid choosing for now. Both Clint and Miguel should also be avoided as the game will crash and data will be lost again.

There are certainly a lot of ?issues in the game to deal with for now, but fans should report them to The Fun Pimps as soon as possible so that it might get a fix in the next 7 Days to Die update.


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