7 Days To Die Bug: Hordes Attacking Every Night?

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There?s no doubt that The Fun Pimps need to work on 7 Days To Die as there are currently a lot of issues plaguing the game. There are issues that ruin progresses and some that make the game run poorly on consoles. A newly discovered 7 Days To Die bug may make the lives of survivors worse as it allows hordes to attack every night.

One of the main features of 7 Days To Die is nighttime. Nighttime is more dangerous than the day as zombies become more aggressive and are significantly more deadly. Most particularly, every seventh night brings a tough challenge as a huge horde will attack players, and it is difficult regardless if the player is prepared. One 7 Days to Die PS4 player reports that hordes are attacking almost every night instead of the set seventh day.

From our perspective, this doesn?t look like much of a bother, but if hordes regularly attack, the player will have little to no time fixing his base, thereby affecting his gameplay. The reason for hordes attacking every seventh day is so the player can prepare and fortify his base, but constant attacks will make it more difficult, especially for a single player.

The player reports that the bug happened after the 49th day. Other players have yet to report the issue, but with the game as broken as it is for now, it?s easy to dismiss that this is an isolated case.

It?s possible that this isn?t exactly a 7 Days To Die bug as the player might have encountered a Screamer nearby. Screamers can attract hordes even if it isn?t the seventh night yet. However, the player noted that he has yet to face a Screamer.

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