7 Days To Die Broken? How To Fix Loading Issues And Other Problems On PS4 & Xbox One

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7 Days To Die

On the game?s console release, 7 Days to Die players found an error which resulted in ungodly loading times. Fortunately, the players discovered a workaround to play the game, but it may not allow them to play online until the issue is fixed. Here?s ScopionSniper?s thread from the 7 Days to Die Reddit discussing the issue and its temporary solution.

As seen on ScopionSniper?s thread, players were at a loss in finding a way to start the game because it loads slowly. Players asked around in the game?s Reddit community if there?s a current workaround for it.

According to Reddit user Avagantamos6, his Internet connection for the PS4 was out and wasn?t experiencing any extended load times for the game. Another Reddit user, MajinTrump, confirmed that disconnecting your PS4 from the Internet when playing 7 Days To Die will prevent the slow loading problem. Other Reddit threads like TheFirstIG?s PS4 thread and Suodeth?s 7 Days to Die thread also state that the Internet disconnection workaround is somehow effective for such issue.

7 Days of Die has been in Alpha for PC since 2013, so it?s technically dated and possibly easier to process by the game?s systems. Technically, the PS4?s standardized hardware is expected to play AAA games such as The Witcher 3, Final Fantasy 15, and the Call of Duty series, so it?s somehow impossible that the PS4 is experiencing difficulty in processing the game?s graphics quality. If the problem can be temporarily fixed by disabling the Internet connectivity of the PS4, it?s possible that the game?s online servers may be experiencing problems. It?s unknown if the Xbox One version is experiencing the same issues.

7 Days to Die is an indie game by developers The Fun Pimps and published by Telltale Games for its console release. The survival crafting game set in a zombie apocalypse is currently hyped due to its simple gameplay and its split screen multiplayer support. Perhaps console players will have to wait a little longer to enjoy the game?s multiplayer adventures.


A few more issues has been discovered as more players got their hands on the game.

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